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in a venue of images, thoughts and music;
favorite photos of faces, times and places –
captured moments beyond forgetting…
no speck of gray here,  just some blank canvas for images
seeking definition…

the thoughts are of a lifetime being lived –
that border on the profound
at times even on what may seem for some –  inanities;
it is life after all that one ponders on… and life is a study in constant change.
it can never be static unless one is for the boring uneventful life…

and the music –
who was that poet who wrote that heard melodies are sweet but those unheard are
sweeter (or some lines to that effect)?  We listen to the unheard ones in silence,

and if life were a dance, it is the

beat and rhythm that we dance to…


will you come to this venue? 

your comings and goings –

will make this an avenue.

betwixt the hellos  and goodbyes,

we would have connected and touched – 

becoming better persons

for the encounter.

* * * * *



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