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Nangaturog ako paghinulat

ha imo kagab-i. Nag-iininop,

nga imo ginsinampit.

han kasina ko nga an inop

waray kahuman, gin talikdan ta

ikaw ngan bimalik pagkaturog.


Pagmata ko kanina nakalakat ka na.

Didto ha lamesa gin paso mo,

gin upay hin paglatag an magrasa

nga pagkaon para han ak pamahaw.

May lakip pa gud nga plastic nga bukad

An im halipot nga surat nangangaro hin pasaylo.


Duro an ak kagutom pero dayon la binalik

an akon gin ininop – hi Nanay nga nagsisinagdon

“Uday, pagsalin bisan la guti-ay.”

Ha ak hunahuna, gin baton ko hiya –

“Ayaw ka baraka, diri la salin nga guti-ay –

Kay bug-os pa an ak pagkatawo, Nanay!”



Gin limpyohan ko an lamesa

ha plastic bag gin butang an imo dara

Ika-lilipay ini han ayam ni ugangan.

Ngan tikang yana, usa la it ak hangyo –

ayaw ako dad-i hin bisan ano,

kay kun dawaton ko ito

waray na masasalin ha akon.



*  *  *

(the English translation)


I fell asleep waiting for you to come home.

Then in the midst of a dream

you woke me up.

I was so mad at the interruption –

I turned away from you and slumbered on.

When I woke up, you had left.

Breakfast was waiting at the table

– the warmed up left-overs you brought home

Pleasantly set with a plastic bloom

And I-am-sorry note….

I was so hungry but the dream I had came back.

It was Mom advising me to leave even just

a bit for myself. In my mind, I replied –

‘Don’t worry Mother, I have – not just a bit

– all of me is still here’.

I cleared up the table, the food

I stuffed into a plastic bag.

It will make mom-in-law’s puppy happy.

And do me a favor –

no more bring-home please –

I do not want your leavings

because if I do

I’ll have nothing left.



I got this beautiful slideshow of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings reeling off to the music of Don McClean’s Vincent in an e-mail and I just had to share it. I have a personal association with the song Vincent. My first son was named Vincent. He was a premature baby and lived for only three days. To borrow a line from the song – “this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you (him)…”

Here, take a look and get hooked on Vincent van Gogh. Listen and feel the anguish of this great painter.vangogh

I am Woman – giver and sustainer of life. In my warm and fertile womb, I create life and with my innate resources, make it into a human being. The parameters of my life were set from the beginning, for I have the biological equipment for procreation.

I am Woman – Eve of the Genesis. I was created from the rib of Adam. As such, I am of strong stuff built. I am not the temptress of Paradise, the ‘woe-unto-man’ who caused his fall in the eyes of God. If mankind has to sweat and labor for survival, it is by God’s own design. I was merely the instrument used to prod Man to eat from the tree of knowledge so he would learn to live and not just exist on the bounty of Eden. Even then, I knew that there was more to life than just existence. With this wisdom, it became my primordial task to raise the quality of living.

I am Woman – Maganda, the first woman of Filipino legend. I sprung out of a split bamboo trunk together with Malakas, the first man. Together, not one coming after the other. As one, we built our world. I stood beside him as an equal – his lover, helpmate and companion, until I felt the stirrings of life defining my role as a mother. Malakas became protective, his adoration almost reverential – for I carried the fruit of our union. I forged the chain that assured the continuity of our existence. It was, ironically, the chain that would bind me to home and hearth, hampering my search for an identity as a person.

I am Woman – Mother to the child whose destiny I hold in my hands. I am overwhelmed at the Godliness of it all – tasked as I am with the making of Man. It is an awesome responsibility that I can neither ignore nor escape from – for this is the essence of my being. I am a Mother – with every child I conceive and bring out into this world, I am molding the future of the human race. This child will be what I will make of him – the best of our species and most worthy of his place on earth.

To attain this end – I, Woman, willingly give of myself. But mortal as I am, I can only give if I have what it takes to give. So I strive to be better, enriching myself with the wisdom of the ages, exploring facets of my womanhood that I can use to improve the quality of Life. In the process – I discover Myself.

Behold me as I am –

Woman – the future of Mankind.

* * *


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