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A quote from Mary Oliver (in A Poetry Handbook)

Posted on: ThursdayNovember1512

Various ambitions – to complete the poem, to see it in print, to enjoy the gratification of someone’s comment about it – serve in some measure as incentives to the writer’s work. Though each of these is reasonable, each is a threat to that other ambition of the poet, which is to write as well as Keats, or Yeats, or Williams – or whoever it was who scribbled onto a page a few lines whose force the reader once felt and has never forgotten. Every poet’s ambition should be to write as well. Anything else is only a flirtation.

Advice well taken not just by poets or would be poets… everyone needs to be passionate about life and forget about flirting.

Heart and mind, time, effort and commitment – that’s what real poetry making is all about.


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